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Be an Artist of Your Life

You can be an artist of your life. For the purpose, you need to be an entrepreneur. Thousands of people is willing to be an entrepreneur but few of them are successful and who are they??

Of course, those, who have Courage to take risk and have strong, belief .Be an entrepreneur- Make you game, Play your rules and enjoy the life by achieving your heights.  Here are some questions to evaluate yourself to be an entrepreneur.

Who are you and what’s the purpose of your Career?

Firstly, you need to know what your Identity is. For what you are known to people in the society. Let’s say, I am Karim Shirazi, founder of Sir Shirazi`s Academy, a creative, Energetic and Passionate educationist, Believes in Learning and sharing with the people to support in improving their professional and personal lives. We offer multiple courses which sharpen professional skills and open the door of multifarious opportunities. Our mission is to unleash hidden talent of people and provide them ways to use them wisely to get desired destinations.

What is the meaning of “entrepreneur”?

It means, you are an artist of life. You are ready to take big risks and accept challenges, because you have a firm belief in creating things that is meaningful .you surely have determination to stick with your purpose in every situation. Building a business is just like an art –The only way to be there is consistence with dedication and keep it in your mind that, there is no other ways for you except being an entrepreneur.

 Are you willing to take challenges?? How do you overcome it?

Once you decided the business, you will surely have to face many challenges and you should be persistent and accept all challenges confidently and deal wisely by keeping your dream in your mind. Remember! if you have your target in your mind always nothing can defeat you—you can only win the world when you think you can.

How do you find opportunity and capitalize it?

The most important thing in business is finding the best opportunities and avail them in a right time. You can grow your business rapidly when you take the right decisions on the right times. For example, you have an offer of collaborating with bigger companies for mutual benefits you must discuss the opportunity and be long sighted for its benefits to the longer run and then sign the MOU for onward working for mutual benefits by keeping all the terms and conditions agreed. As we offer IELTS preparatory classes all around the globe. We have our social media marketing campaigns and other sources too but there are so many study abroad and Immigration Consultants they have regular clients for IELTS exam. We have signed a contract with them to send their customers to us for IELTS preparation .Our commitment is to give them required result with special discount—by this way we have more number of IELTS candidates every month which surely boosts our business.

 What are you leadership skills?

To grow in your business you have to use leadership skills wisely. I believe in sharing work with your employees because if you decentralize the responsibilities and work load with other people you can for see and develop business well and you will be able to build a system which can be executed in your absence too. If you are good at retaining employees for the longer run — you have to play win to win policy. Give people profit sharing except the salary they have in order to motivate them – give them sense of ownership in their task and allow them to lead their projects and use their skills independently.

How do you motivate yourself?

The best motivation is to read the biography of successful people in the world and try to meet successful people as many times as you can.


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