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leadership skills

10 Signs to Identify True Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are often in-built in you and sometimes you adopt them from your surroundings. We have discussed about major leadership skills in detail in our previous article, which you can read¬†here. This article comes up with how you will identify if someone has leadership qualities. Here is a list …

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leadership skills for young people

Leadership Skills For Young People to Survive Well

Today, the world is undergoing a continuous change at a bizarre speed. In this competitive world, young people are desperately in need of certain leadership skills to be adapted to assure their success in near future. Many leadership skills come naturally through parents, but children also get learning while studying …

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Everyone is Seller

When I was a kid I used to go to toy shops with my father and colorful toys attracted me too much to have it but shopkeeper convinced my father to buy the toys he wanted whether it was expensive or cheaper my father bought it for me.

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