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Everyone is Seller

When I was a kid I used to go to toy shops with my father and colorful toys attracted me too much to have it but shopkeeper convinced my father to buy the toys he wanted whether it was expensive or cheaper my father bought it for me.

When I grew up so I asked my father why you always buy the things which shopkeeper recommends so he replied.” He is expert in selling his products nicely.” He told me that there are number of other shopkeepers but everybody is not a good seller. Those who know the details of their products and understand the psyche of customers and deal them accordingly they are successful sellers.
In this world, everybody is selling something to others, let`s take an example of hair dresser, we go to him to get our hair cut .for the same, he charges some amount .it means he is selling his skills and earning money.in modern competitive era, there are so many hair dressers and millions of people are ready to take their services but every hair dresser is not earning handsome amount. It all depends upon; how he treats his customers, how expert he is in his field and what facilities he offers to his customers.
Now moving towards people who are doing job because a large no of people do work for someone in the world in simple words they willingly sign the contract with the employer to be employee in particular domain on the basis of their qualification, experience and expertise. In fact, they are happy to sell their skills to the employer and get the salary against it. And with the passages of time they grow and gain more experience and they get promotions and increments gradually and they keep going. Like hair dresser every employee is not promoted or rewarded with increment in salary. Only those, who are the best seller of their skills and know their worth,
Similarly, entrepreneurs in all over the world who are selling something which could be a product or skills. But every businessman is not successful — Success measures on the basis of: how good they are at selling? According to my point of view: we do not sell the product or skill instead we sell the attitude. You attitude is the key element to be the best seller in any of the field.
I am here with some tips; how to become a good seller:


Honesty and commitment is the core of any business .Great professionals do not lie to their customers. They always care their customers because for them customer is not only the source of income but also the greatest assets.

Be Competitive

to meet the requirements of you client you must have concrete information about your competitors and always you need to be some steps a head so that you can rule and gain more success. If you do not keep yourself updated and well informed about the market and competitors so you are more likely to lose your clients.

Interpersonal Skills

everyone is unique in this world. You have to have some charismatic skills .and it varies client to client – to know your client you need to be a good listener so that you can provide better solutions and services.

Strategic Thinking

Planning is mandatory. Great professionals always keep the big goal in their mind especially when they plan .you should know your philosophy. Strong and prestigious Organization always have mission and vision and they do work for that persistently.


whether you are having an organization perspective or a personal one, you need to determine your competencies and you must spend most of your time, strength and resources working on them. If you feel you are going in the right direction and improving yourself so go ahead otherwise make necessary changes accordingly.

Select a Perfect Product

Product is the key element in any business. For the purpose, you must research and try to know the demand of society and then fill it accordingly. Remember! Some other people must be already selling the same product you are planning to launch. Therefore, you must have some uniqueness or specialty in order to increase your sell. As per my experience, your attitude is your power. Be as nice as you can with the customer – if they are satisfied for sure you will have so many referrals.
Ability to Handle Stress

there are many ups and downs in the business and life. Most of the people get stress and lose confidence in some situations. I would recommend you to deal every situation peacefully. Try to find alternative options when you get stuck. For the purpose, you can consult some of your mentors and friends or collegues.and take some time and try to resolve the issue rather than taking stress, you should find the solutions to make life easy and simple.

Some other tips to become a good seller:

• Your online presence is very much important.
• Quick response to your customer can make a difference.
• Never use harsh words with customer. Be polite and problem solver.
• Never lose their trust; be Honest with them.
• Never cross deadline time.
• Give something extra at your best

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