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Major Distractions to Failure

Distraction is fact, you have to accept it. In this world no one can say that, I do not have any distraction in my life. This is the reason, many people wish to achieve their goals but they are unable to attain because

of many distractions in the life. Question arises here; is it possible for a person to be away from all distractions? The answer is No. because it is natural power; nobody can suppress this — we can only deviate distractions to the positive and productive things.
There are major distractions in the life which can lead to failure — if you do not prepare yourself in time for the best alternatives. The most important thing is to find out these distractions and accept the reality. Generally, major distractions which stop us to focus on tasks and targets will be discussed in this article.
It is considered the best form of entertainment for everyone in this world. It has variety of channels and programs on single click. People should watch TV in their spare time but watching TV randomly never let you do any work consistently. This is the reason; watching TV has become the biggest distractor. For suppose, you have to do any important task but curiosity and interest of a movie or drama will not let you do it instantly. For sure, you would like to finish program first then move ahead. The best way to watch TV is, schedule your programs and programs with good time management. So that, you may get knowledge, information and also entertain yourself. A lot of people sleep late at night just because of watching TV .as a result; they get up late in the morning and feel tired and not active to the daily routine. Watching TV without planning makes a person very lazy.
Social Media
Now a day’s social media has become a compulsory tool for everyone. This is the best source of uniting people all around the globe. This is one of the cheaper forms of connecting with people without any hassle. Most of the people use smart phones and Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and other social media networks are being used. In addition to this, you can share anything very quickly though social media networks. Unfortunately, mostly people cannot focus on their life and work due to this. Social Media can be used positively to connect with the people, sharing knowledge and information. Having knowledge of current affairs, expressing opinions in different timings but in leisure .it can be major distractor if we use social media all the time.
It is good for living but most of the people live for food. There are many perplexities and hindrances in one`s life which has to be sorted out and solved accordingly rather than being frustrated and react some other places. Many of us enjoy eating food all the time especially, when they are in tension or stress. In fact, people attend marriage and other ceremonies for delicious foods. Those people are curious to have variety of foods all the time, so how is it possible for them to focus on their goals and execute it practically. Of course, they will deviate from path of success due to this bigger distraction.
Sleeping is like intoxication – Proper sleeping is good for health. There are two kind of people sleep a lot:
1- Who have everything
2- Who have nothing
Those who have everything, if they are sleeping so it does not make any difference in their lives. But those who have nothing and they are sleeping so it makes difference in their lives — They have to options , either they keep sleeping and waste their entire life without planning or they must take strong initiatives by reducing their asleep and work harder for the life . Remember! Life is like a race those who sleep they will be left behind. Try to control your sleeping habit as per requirement and watch the life with awaken eyes and keep on chasing your destination with zeal and enthusiasm.
Friends & Relatives
Chances are higher that you are not well aware of this major distraction. Some people say, friends are the best medicine. I do agree with this. but some of your friends and relatives are the one they do not want you to come out from your comfort zone ,and push you directly or indirectly not to take any risk in the life — you might get success if somebody just encourages you to take risk and step ahead. To illustrate, to analyze what is good and what is bad for you, you need to spare some time and think critically and positively from all aspects and then what is the best way for you at the moment. For the purpose, you have to believe in yourself completely and take actions and own it for your success.
Final Thoughts
I have observed some of the major distractions which can lead you to failure. Of course there must be some more, you must spare some time alone and think about your major distractions and write them all and try to focus on your tasks and destination rather than being trapped by distractions. Hopefully, you will be benefited by this article.

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