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Rules for Healthy Life

Get up early Moring – Sleep early

If you really want to have healthy life so you must get up early morning .For the purpose, you really have to go to bed early. in fact, human body works whole day so all body mussels needs resting and repairing for next day. Naturally, if you go to bed by 10 pm and get up by 6 am so your mussels repairing will be done properly and soon as you get up you will feel very fresh and energetic. Those who go to bed late after 12 and get up late their mussels do not work properly as a result, they feel tiredness after getting up and take some hours to be energetic.

 Hard working with persistence

Whether you are an employee or a business man, always value hard working with persistency.  You can only achieve your goal when you have a target to achieve — on the way, you will find lots of hindrances but face them with persistency to reach your goal. If you are persistent so know that you are one in millions who will definitely get destination.



It is very important for peaceful life. Being a Muslim you have to offer five times Namaz daily, and recite Holy Quran with understanding and clarity—you will surely get mental peace and your blood pressure will be normal. Furthermore, you will not feel anxiety or stress. It is mentioned in Holy Quran that Heart relief is only in recitation of Holy Quran.

 Taking Tea

Taking tea once or twice a day is fine but having more than that quantity can lead you to different problems such as anxiety, stress and tiredness. It is rather better to have green tea, aniseed tea, or paper mint tea — these types of tea will be useful for stomach and digestive system.

 Oil & Grease

Human body does not need much oil . we had better avoid grease meat and oil for better health — using more grease and oil can lead to obesity, cancer and heart diseases. Olive oil is very good and useful for health. It maintains cholesterol level nicely and save you from heart related diseases.


Fragrances give the good impact to the human`s brain. These days many diseases are being cured by different fragrances which is called AROMA THEREPY.

 Water & Beverages

We should drink water and beverages as much as we can. It keeps the skin very healthy and fresh. Do not use water after meal it is dangerous for health. And also avoid artificial beverages which are full of chemicals. You must use fresh juices and boiled water- good for health.

 Fruits & Vegetables

It is good for health. Always prefer to have fresh vegetables and fruits. It gives you peace, Maintain cholesterol level, keep you healthy and fit.

 Physical exercise

 It is mandatory to make human body healthy. Usually, we should sleep after 4 hours of Supper. During these hours we can have normal and brisk walk. Exercise can be done in any form which is convenient for you. Such as, playing some sports like table tennis, football, cricket etc. some people prefer to walk and run early in the morning. Try to select the activity that let your body move daily.

 Sun Heat

In winter it is necessary to sit in sun heat. It improves your vitamin D. Research has proven that only morning sun rays are good to improve Vitamin D. we should avail it. In summer at least half an hour enough to sit in sun heat in the morning and in winter we should take daily at least 2 hours sunrays. By taking sun heat takes you away from tiredness, laziness and gaining weight.


Dressing effects on human`s health, it also gives the good impression to others .dirty dress tend to laziness  always wear neat and clean dress with your favorite color and maintain as well.

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