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Your Network is your Net worth

They know very well that we do not want to strengthen relationship instead, we meet purposely. In fact, we have to spare some time for our friends, relative and acquainted people just to have gathering, sharing ideas, discussing problems.

By meeting with people ideas are exchanged, knowledge is shared and we surely find some good opportunities and solutions of our problems .one is supposed to focus about his network. Such as, if you do any business so abruptly, those people are in your network they will trust and respond you reason being, you have a good relationship with them.

Most importantly, we need to learn about making and maintaining good relationship with others. For the purpose following things are useful:

Meeting without reasoning
Gift people as per their choice
Be honest and sincere
Be ready to help them
Listen their problems and advise sincerely
Try to motivate them
Share your success
Invite them for Breakfast/Lunch and Dinner sometimes

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