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15 Principles of Successful People about Life


  1. Don’t take salary; it can never make you rich.


  1. Think daily some good ideas for prosperous Life.


  1. Never save money by avoiding tea, coffee and taxi — don’t travel in bus to save money, because no one has ever been rich by savings. You can only buy the building by earning more not by saving more.


  1. Learn to write, by writing ability of thinking and understanding increases. Those who are thoughtful and sensible can never become poor.


  1. If you have amount so only invest 50% and remaining 50% is your strength and will give you confidence.



  1. There are so many people who are billionaires  but they invested their 100% amount in different projects .in spite of being rich they do not have money in their pockets.


  1. Never do business in which there is much competition — Always select the business in which you can grip soon.



  1. Out of 24 hours 8 hours sleeping is the best investment.


  1. Always love those who love and care you instead of those who do not value you.


  1. Always Thankful to Allah for all the blessings you have been bestowed. Thanking improves your energy.


  1. Trust yourself, your body, your brain and believe in your experience. Nobody can be your best friend than yourself.


  1. Be honest and sincere with your profession.


  1. Life is a unique gift, spend it nicely and help others at your level best — Be the reason of positive changes in some people`s life.


  1. Everyone has purpose in life – try to find out your purpose by doing what your heart says. Choose the field you love to work in rather than being driven by someone.


  1. Travel and meet different people as much as possible, you can always have great ideas by visiting different places and meeting multifarious people.

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